World of Country Life

On the 22nd July we had our first day out for 15 months and luckily the rain held off! World of Country life did not disappoint us. The deer train was a big success, even though the deer were a bit enthusiastic about getting the food from us! There were plenty of cute animals to see and get close to. There play areas provided plenty of things to climb and slide down. There was also a fabulous collection of old cars and steam engines for the motor enthusiasts.

Of course there was also the chance for our families to catch up with each other over a picnic lunch and ice creams.

The day was such a hit we did it all again on the 5th June but this time with different families! It was another sunny day and just as much fun as our first trip. This time we had the added bonus of a fully accessible Mobiloo changing van which made such a difference to many of our families. We are looking forward to having it at many of our future events.