MoorVision offers regular activity days and one or two weekend residential weekends each year. Trips include sports such as abseiling, canoeing, swimming, football, climbing etc; audio described theatre trips, bowling, beach days, theme parks, arts and crafts, cooking, science days, drama and more. Activities and residentials are heavily subsidised and open to the whole family including siblings.

Boy with glasss climbing, children joining hands around tree, two boys, one in wheelchair in forest

Information, Advice, Support and Training

MoorVision has a large database of information and can provide advice and support on how vision impairment affects your child, you and your family. We also offer some training courses.

This information covers:

•    Education and the Law
•    Habilitation (Independent Living Skills and Mobility)
•    Health and Social Care
•    Benefits and grants
•    Accessible IT 
•    Accessible toys 
•    Equipment around the home
•    Sports and Leisure
•    Learning at home
•    Books in all formats
•    Science and nature
•    Arts (music and drama)
•    Braille
•    Other providers of services, local and national

Girl with glasses reading, girl with glasses playing with toys, boy with glasses being helped to read by woman

Facebook page and Twitter feed

MoorVision has a closed Facebook group and a Twitter feed and these are a great way of staying in touch with other families and receiving up to the minute information from the vision impairment sector.

Sight Loss MOT - A Resource Guide and Checklist for Children and Young People Living with Vision Impairment

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Guide for Parent/Carers who have a VI themselves 

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